natasha’s ride in age of ultron- and the first new still from the upcoming avengers movie.


"Well! Things aren’t so bad. Food’s better. We used to boil everything. No polio’s good. Internet! So helpful. Been reading that a lot; trying to catch up."

Black Widow riding her exclusive Harley Davidson in Age of Ultron

Silent Constellations in the Dark - Chapter 1 - Atl_criminal33 - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]




There was so much that he didn’t know, and more that she was trying to figure out.



It’s funny how something so small can amount to something so large. That one simple order of five simple letters can hold so much meaning; so much power, and honor.

Natasha Romanoff was running out of words to say.

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Natasha goes up to the living room in Stark Tower and finds Steve playing Falling Slowly on the piano that Tony bought ages ago that no one ever used and they end up singing it together.