Cold War, Part 2


If they sound like they’re flirting, then they’re actually fighting. And, yes, that’s probably down to Natasha. She’s so used to wielding her sexuality as a weapon, and Steve is so achingly, obviously vulnerable — it’s like the knife is in her hand before she even knows she’s twisting.

"Bye-bye bikinis," she says, baring her skin and looking up at him through her lashes. The knife twists. It’s not a decision, it’s…muscle memory.

She’s not prepared for him to parry so hard.

"Yeah. I bet you look terrible in them now." His face stony, his voice angry: he’s not flirting, he’s calling bullshit. He understands exactly what she was trying to do just there, the manipulation she was pulling by showing her belly and flaunting a bit of vulnerability. He’s not buying it, and he’s not amused.

But she is. Her mouth twitches before she can help it, it’s so surprising, and kind of delightful. Steve Cornfed Rogers, really? He can spar with her at this level?

In the next instant, of course, she’s recovered. The hint of a smile, her “slip,” she can make that work. Honesty is her weapon now. She needs him, after all, and nothing will convince Captain America like a taste of the truth. She does like him. She is on his side. She’ll let him see that — the “real” Natasha — and he’ll be convinced.

But her hand remembers the weight of the knife.

Trip for Three


Pairing: Romanogers
Fandom: Avengers/ Captain America2: The Winter Soldier
Uni: MCU
Rating: T
Genre: Family/Romance
Summary: A short drabble that was inspired by doremichfasolatido thank you so much! Have a great day and I hope you like it! *hugs and offers pizza and cookies*

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❝ One of the interesting things about Black Widow is that she’s one of the only members of the group without either superpowers or a technical marvel of a suit. She’s just herself, a kick-a** assassin. When asked if she would ever want to find a way to manufacture a kind of superpower, to join the team at that level, Johansson said that Widow’s devious mind is actually her greatest asset.

"Oh, man… I think her greatest attribute is that she’s — I don’t want to say she has a criminal mind, but she does in a way," Johansson said. "She’s a super spy. Her ability to understand the complexity of the criminal mind, she uses that to her advantage. She’s often the one that’s going, ‘Right, you think it’s this way, but if you think about it from this person’s perspective, this might be the answer.’ She’s always using her experience in her sordid past to her advantage. I don’t think there’s any super suit that could supersede that for her. I think what she lends to the team — she let’s everyone else play with their big toys. And she gets some pretty good toys too, especially in Avengers 2 — I can’t complain. [Laughs]"

- Should Widow Have Superpowers? [x] (via romanovasledger)

Hello dear! I have a doubt and if you can answer me appreciate it. Well, what would be the age of the Cap? 20? And the Nat? Thanks in advance and loved the tumblr <3

I don’t think we know when Steve went into the ice. Bucky fell either in very late 1944 or very early 1944, and Steve went after Red Skull not long after that. He was about 26 or 27, thereabouts, so at Cap 2, Steve would be 28 or 29 physically, 95 chronologically.

Natasha is stated by Arnim Zola to have been born in 1984, which puts her at around 30. Whether or not that was falsified information on her records, which would put her chronological age closer to Steve’s, remains to be seen.

drabble: steve/natasha


Rating: NC-17ish?
Word Count: ~1,400
Prompts: “(303): we fucked the fort apart but we’ll rebuild it after we get some drinks.”

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Does anybody have any idea why James Rogers suddenly became blond?? Because Marvel doesn’t sell their comic here and I can’t confirm anything by myself.

MCU: Marvel’s “Continuity” Universe

(someone probably just forgot. Continuity doesn’t mean much in comics)